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    Corin founded Open Kitchen MCR (formerly Real Junk Food Manchester) in 2014. She's a Project Manager and campaigner who has worked with the community, charity, public and private sectors on projects around sustainability, environment, food waste and plastics reduction for over 10 years. She’s passionate about social justice and transforming our economic system. Corin works too much and has a lingering cheese addiction.


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    MATTHead Chef

    Matt joined Real Junk Food Manchester as Head Chef early in 2017 after 7 years of experience in kitchens around the globe. His calmness and creativity with food have made him the ideal person to lead a kitchen where the ingredients change daily and create amazing dishes for Open Kitchen MCR's catering service.

    Head Chef

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    Laurence Chef

    Laurence joined Open Kitchen MCR in 2019 after working in various kitchens across Manchester. He loves making dishes with ingredients that would have gone to waste and never fails to impress with the culinary delights he creates!


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    Steph has worked in he environmental sector for over 8 years leading on various campaigns in Manchester. She is a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and specialises in digital communications for not-for-profit organisations and small businesses. She is also a keen photographer, wildflower enthusiast and just blummin' loves bees.


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    Adrian joined the Real Junk Food Manchester team in September 2017, using his wealth of experience in retail and distribution to help develop a constantly evolving supply chain into a reliable source of ingredients. He ensures that the catering orders arrive on time and has the wonderful job of redistributing items to community organisations we support at Open Kitchen MCR. A street food and craft beer enthusiast, Adrian’s hopes for the future include the outlawing of reverse parking and no further Director's versions of Star Wars!


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    Frankie is our volunteer coordinator. She initially volunteered at Real Junk Food pop up events and became passionate about the project. She volunteers at several different projects across Manchester from sports to arts events. When the opportunity to get more involved with Real Junk Food appeared, Frankie jumped at the chance to join in and has continued her work when Open Kitchen MCR was launched. She has since given up cooking and relies on our chefs to keep her fed and happy. So far they are doing an awesome job.



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