The Covid-19 crisis has sadly had a huge impact on people who were already at serious risk of food poverty in Greater Manchester. It is our firm belief that everyone should have the right to good, nutritious food, which is why we built our whole catering business model to raise funds so we could make meals to support people experiencing crisis. This is our biggest challenge yet. Our team has stepped up, and with huge thanks to voluntary support are responding to the huge spike in demand.


We adapted our operating model to become a key part of the Manchester Emergency Food Response Team. During the first lockdown we delivered over 1000's meals a week to vulnerable individuals and families across the city and produced over 140,600 meals to support local communities.


However, our food catering service generates the income needed to subsidise our work supporting vulnerable people. As a result of Covid 19, we are sadly not getting the volume of catering bookings that we used to. Our team will continue to pack and deliver grocery and meal parcels for as long as we can, but your support would be greatly appreciated.  


We need your help!


First and foremost, we need some financial support to deliver this service. If you can offer a donation or spread the word, we'd really appreciate it! Every single penny of funds raised will go to buy supplies needed to deliver the service safely (cleaning supplies, take-away containers, etc), and to support prep and delivery costs.

Here’s a link to our Paypal Donate Page;



If you are a business and you have food that will go to waste, we want it. Email


We can accept;

- Any “un-prepped” food (i.e. raw ingredients; meat, fish, veg, cheese, milk, bread, etc) that has been stored correctly, whether that be fridge, freezer, or ambient.

- Prepped foods (e.g coleslaws or salads that have been made up by the food business) that are chilled and are still suitable for use for the next 48 hours. 

- Any drinks, snacks or crisps that are packaged, even if they are past best before date. 

- We cannot accept any ingredients or dishes that have been hot held - e.g. curries, meats, rice, etc that has been cooked and held at a hot serving temperature, as it will not be suitable for reuse. 

- We cannot accept any products that are past Use By date. 

- We cannot accept pre-prepared sandwiches (because they tend to need using on that day, and we can’t get them delivered in time to be useful)



As our operation grows to support more people, we may also need volunteer chefs and drivers. We’re going to have to be really cautious about how we work with volunteers, because we need to make sure we’re not adding to the spread of the virus, but if you are fit and healthy, and you have skills that could help, please feel free to get in touch on


If you feel like you can help with anything else, please do feel free to get in touch with the team on or on 07851 080 342.

"We would like to say thank you Open Kitchen for the donations of stock we receive on a regular basis. It helps our cause massively and we can't say thank you enough for everything you do for us"

Emmeline's Pantry

Emmeline's Pantry help vulnerable women and their families access the things they need most, including food, toiletries, baby equipment and clothes. 

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