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The Covid-19 crisis has sadly had a huge impact on people who were already at serious risk of food insecurity in Greater Manchester. It is our firm belief that everyone should have the right to good, nutritious food, which is why we built our whole catering business model to raise funds so we could make meals to support local communities. This has been our biggest challenge yet. Our team has stepped up, and with amazing support from an army of volunteers responded to the huge spike in demand.


We adapted our operating model to become a key part of the Manchester Emergency Food Response Team. During the first lockdown we delivered over 1000 meals a week to vulnerable individuals and families across the city and produced over 140,000 meals to support local communities.

"We would like to say thank you Open Kitchen for the donations of stock we receive on a regular basis. It helps our cause massively and we can't say thank you enough for everything you do for us"

Emmeline's Pantry

Emmeline's Pantry help vulnerable women and their families access the things they need most, including food, toiletries, baby equipment and clothes. 

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