Our mission is to reduce food waste, support a sustainable future and provide nutritious food to people in crisis. 

Intercepting food surplus

In the UK around 15 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, and the vast majority of it is perfectly edible. Food taken to landfill decays and produces the potent greenhouse gas, methane. Over 20% of the UK’s carbon footprint is related to food and food waste.

The most sustainable thing we can do with perfectly edible food that is going to go to waste is put it in a belly, rather than a bin. That’s where we come in! We collaborate with a huge range of food businesses and intercept fresh, beautiful food to turn into delicious meals. For every 1 tonne of food intercepted, we save around 4.2 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted.

Sustainable future

We purchase exclusively from organisations that share our environmental and ethical values. This means we support local , independent, sustainably produced, accessible and fair-trade companies.

Providing access to enough food and great food of all

As a social enterprise, our pay-it-forward model means that profits from our catering allows us to provide ingredients and meals to people in crisis. We support local independent food banks, breakfast clubs, and homelessness support organisations.


Dignity, choice and social inclusion - a positive community future

Open Kitchen MCR works to find ways to bring communities together using food, removing money as the barrier to accessing nutrition and positive social settings like cafes and community meals.


Open Kitchen MCR catered canapés for 150 people at my birthday party. It was delicious, beautifully presented and the team were a dream to work with. I can't recommend them enough!

Soo Wilkinson, Private Party

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