In 2017 we had great support from CHR Catering Equipment, Igloo Design, HMG Paints, Alex Jones Illustration, Second City Coffee, Maker of Things (Alfred and Sue) and Design by Sophie – providing their time, skills and contacts to help us open the Oxford Street restaurant. We want to thank them for their amazing contributions!

As Manchester’s first waste food catering social enterprise, we always appreciate any offer of support that will help us to grow.

If you have any idea how you or your organisation can help, get in touch via

RJFM Supporters

There are also a host of items we need regularly to operate the restaurant.

  • Cooking oil of all types
  • Granulated sugar (for teas and coffees)
  • Pickling vinegar (to make jams, chutneys, pickles, and generally preserve more veg)
  • Cling film, tin foil and baking paper
  • Kitchen knives, chopping boards and other implements
  • Blue roll and eco cleaning products

These companies have already signed up to support...

If you can spare the money, we’d love for you to join our band of “Friends of RJFM” who donate £15 (or more!) each month so that we can buy these items.

You can do this through PayPal and you’ll receive a special thank you from the RJFM team to put up at home or work as well as recognition on our Friends wall on the website.

Could you support us?

If you’d like to find out more about how you or your business can support us, please get in touch with either Corin[07912 509665 /] or Chris[07545 085075 /]