Go Ocado!

We’ve been collecting food that would otherwise go to waste from Ocado for 2 years now, and we support the work that they’re doing. There’s still a LOT of action needed to push towards a sustainable food system, but it’s nice to be working with a company that understands that the end goal should be to stop food waste from happening in the first place.

Ocado are using new technology & supply chains to stop food from being wasted, while a lot of the other big players are refusing to change their own behaviours and relying on redistribution of the waste that they create to the community and charity sector.

In the short term (while there is food going to waste) we aim to #feedbelliesnotbins, but in the longer term we want to work with the food industry to stamp out avoidable food waste all together, and create a food system that is sustainable, fair and accessible.


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Volunteering at Open Kitchen MCR is a two-way thing – we want to make sure that our volunteers get as much as they give…

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