Community Meals Offer!

During the COVID-19 crisis we have been operating a “meals on wheels” service with Manchester City Council, producing over 2,000 nutritious “home-cooked” meals every day for a range of people requiring support or lacking cooking facilities.

We're now expanding this to offer nutritious and tasty, freshly prepared “ready meals” (chilled and ready to reheat at home) and packed lunches to organisations looking to support vulnerable communities, whether that be for a limited period, or on a longer-term basis.


Individual adult “ready-meal”

Approx 400g freshly prepared adult main meal. Packaged in a recyclable plastic, microwave & freezer safe container.

£1.00 per meal

Family “ready-meal”

Approx 1.4kg freshly prepared meal for family of 4. Packaged in metal oven and freezer safe tray with plastic coated cardboard lid. Larger family meals are available on request.

£3.75 per meal

Kids “ready-meal”

Approx 200g freshly prepared child’s main meal. Packaged in a recyclable plastic, microwave & freezer safe container. Chefs ensure that all children’s meals contain “hidden veg” to offer added nutrition, while creating meals that children will enjoy.

80p per meal

Kid’s packed lunch meal

A sandwich or wrap with fruit, and snack (crisps, chocolate or other snack bar) packed in a paper lunch bag.

£1.30 per meal

Healthy breakfast offer

Mixed fruit salad and freshly baked granola bakes or banana bread (low sugar, high fibre, lots of hidden fruit, seeds, etc). Family packs available.

£1 per adult

75p per child

Summer holiday family picnic bag

Sandwiches or wraps or pies, carb based salad (pasta, rice, potato etc), leafy / veg based salad or veg sticks (carrot, peppers, celery, etc), freshly made cakes or tray bakes (rocky road, banana & caramel cake, hidden veg cake).

£2.20 per adult

£1.10 per child

N.B. Fresh meals are delivered chilled and must be stored in the fridge. Meals are labelled with dietary info (meat, fish, veggie, vegan), allergens, use by date (3 days from collection), and safe microwave and oven reheating instructions. Our chefs prepare up to 6 different dishes each day to offer great variety and choice.


Why purchase meals and lunches from Open Kitchen MCR?

Open Kitchen MCR is a local not for profit project. We have been supporting our local communities in and around Manchester for over 6 years. Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, we have been a Manchester City Council approved supplier of meals to vulnerable people and families across the city, and have provided over 100,000 meals to our communities. The organisation has a 5 star food safety rating, and has completed a COVID-secure working risk assessment for all aspects of our working practice (available on request). Our Head Chef, James Bouchier, has completed a BSC in Nutrition, meaning health and wellbeing are at the centre of our operation.

How does it work?

Because we work with a huge range of businesses to source perfectly edible and safe food that will go to waste, our menu is continually changing in line with what is available. This not only means we can offer great value, but also means our meals are a more sustainable option. This does, however, mean that customers cannot order specific dishes from a menu. We welcome customers to give us a set of guidelines to meet (e.g. x number of vegetarian meals, no curries please, we prefer meat dishes, etc) and within those guidelines, we will provide a range of fresh nutritious meals at prices that compete other convenient, less nutritious options from larger retailers. This is a pilot project for our organisation, and we welcome conversation and feedback to build a service that suits our communities.

What sort of meals do you make?

Our trained and experienced chefs make a range of meals every day, but recent examples include; beef or veggie chilli, vegetable curry, shepherds pie, sausage mash & gravy, Mac n cheese (with hidden veg), tomato pasta with cheese (with hidden veg), bacon hash, roast dinner, chicken & veg hoisin noodles. We are happy to receive requests for particular types of meals, and chefs will always accommodate where possible.

Dietary Requirements & Allergens

We are happy to prepare meals to meet a vegetarian or vegan diet. We are also happy to create meals that meet specific allergy requirements, e.g. gluten free. We cannot guarantee any of our meals are completely free from all traces of nuts. In the case of multiple allergies or very restrictive diet (i.e. where Chefs will have to prepare individual dishes for a specific customer) prices may increase.

Halal and Kosher Diets

Because we work mostly with food businesses to source perfectly edible, safe food that would otherwise go to waste, we cannot currently provide halal meat. All of our vegetarian and vegan options are suitable for a Halal diet. We are working with some larger food businesses, and hope to identify sources of halal meat going forward. We are unable to offer kosher meat options, and unfortunately our kitchen does not meet the requirements of a strict kosher diet.

Delivery or collection?

We can deliver meals to your community centre or community drop off point, but cannot deliver to individual residents at this time. Deliveries are charged at £5 per delivery. Organisations are welcome to collect meals free of charge.

How do I order?

To enquire about our community meals offer email or call 07912 509 665. We are happy to discuss bespoke arrangements to suit specific projects.