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Cooking with Open Kitchen MCR: Mac'n'Cheese

Here at Open Kitchen MCR we are continuing to feed a huge range of people who are vulnerable as part of Manchester’s emergency food response team during Covid-19; working hard to get good home cooked meals in the bellies of those in need. If you read our last recipe for bacon hash, you’ll know we’re about good quality, hearty food that tastes great.

Today, we’re sharing our recipe for a classic mac ‘n’ cheese with a twist. Who doesn’t love this cheesy family favourite? A number of our meals are going to families with young children, so we’re trying to balance super tasty meals that younger children will eat, with sneaking in some good nutrition, which is why our mac n cheese contains lovely green veg, hidden in the cheesy sauce. Here you can see the crazy quantities that go into cooking up this scrumptious comfort dish for 300 people. Why not have a go yourself, scaling down the quantities... or cook it all and have mac ‘n’ cheese to last a lifetime for those cheese lovers (check your freezer space beforehand so you don’t waste any). Remember to tag us in your home bakes @openkitchenmcr and you could be featured on our social media.

Happy cooking from our team at Open Kitchen MCR!


Serves: 300


20kg pasta

5kg broccoli (cut into small florets)

5kg peas

750g flour

750g butter

12 litres oat milk (you can use any milk, this is just what we had to hand)

2kg cheddar cheese

2kg goats’ cheese

2kg red Leicester

40g smoked paprika

120g English mustard

30g nutmeg

50g white pepper

6 lemons (juiced)


- Cook pasta by packet instructions in a large pan of boiling water

- Melt butter, stir in flour and then slowly stir in oat milk to make a roux

- Slowly add cheese (save 1kg for the topping) and melt into sauce, spices and lemon juice

- In a large oven tray (or 8 if your Open Kitchen MCR) stir pasta and raw veg into sauce

- Top with cheese (and bread crumbs if you have any stale bread the needs using up – it makes a great crunchy topping), and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees celsius


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