Meet the volunteers

As our social enterprise has had to adapt over the Covid-19 period, we have been lucky enough to have so many wonderful and hardworking volunteers supporting us and making the work we do possible. Since the start of the UK lockdown we have had the opportunity to work with passionate and dedicated individuals who are spending their time helping those in need. With so many amazing volunteers, we want to give you the chance to ‘meet’ some of the people we get to work with and learn about their experience volunteering with Open Kitchen MCR during Covid-19.

Katie is 19 years old and is spending her time out of university giving back to the community, she wanted something to do that would give herself more structure whilst helping people. Discussing her time volunteering with us, Katie has had a great time meeting a range of people from different backgrounds, age groups and occupations which was very interesting to hear about. After Covid-19 Katie is planning to head to her favourite bar with her friends, something that she has missed. Currently she is loving listening to Nina Simone and learning more about her life through documentaries. A huge thank you to Katie for volunteering with us and we’re so thrilled that you had a good and fun experience.

Another great volunteer we would like to introduce you to is the wonderful Matt. 26 year old Matt is a product designer when he isn’t helping us fight against hunger during Covid-19, and decided to start volunteering as something tangible to do that is directly helpful to people and could give himself some structure. One of his favourite things about volunteering with us is the ability to visualise how he is helping people, through the amount of meals being sent out each day. After Covid-19, Matt is really looking forward to being able to see his family properly without any social distancing. Another huge thank you for being a great volunteer and supporting our cause.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more posts on our great volunteers and the chance to get to know them as we do. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you haven’t already @openkitchenmcr.