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MCR Food & Drink Festival Recipes

We've teamed up with the Manchester Food & Drink Festival and Recycle 4 Greater Manchester to create a fab series of recipes to help you use up the most commonly wasted food items at home. 

There's also a range of slow cooker recipes on our YouTube channel to help you reduce food waste and save on energy bills this winter


Baked white fish with wilted lettuce, leek & artichoke gratin

You don’t have to serve this recipe with fish, this is really a recipe about using up old lettuce, and the gratin makes a lovely bed for fish, chicken, jack fruit, or marinated tofu. This sort of recipe works for any more solid leafy greens that have a bit more “back bone” or structure to them, like iceberg lettuce, romain lettuce, chicory, pak choi or chard. Very young or soft salad leaves (the kind you tend to get in bags of mixed leaf salad) won’t hold up to a trip through the oven, so avoid using them.



Brown Apple & Feta Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

A lovely wintery salad that makes it easy to use up apples that have gone a little brown or soft.


Slighty spongy, sort of sprouty potato rosti

A great way to use up potatoes that have past there best.

baked apples_edited.jpg


Baked apples with brown sugar

A sweet treat thats super easy to make and a great mid week pudding!


Forgotten salad leaf pesto

For the half bag of salad you forgot about in the back of the fridge. This one works especially well with peppery leaves like rocket or watercress.

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