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Nutritional Cooking

Open Kitchen recipe videos!

In partnership with Onward Homes, we've created a range of tasty, simple, healthy recipe videos. The recipes use a slow cooker to ensure low energy costs as well as low ingredient costs, and all recipes can be adapted easily to incorporate any fresh, tinned or frozen vegetables, to help to reduce food waste at home.  All recipes are suitable for absolute beginners, and include basic chopping skills tutorials. We also have one minute versions of each recipe on our YouTube channel, for those who just need a bit of inspiration. Happy cooking! 

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Ideas and Inspiration for Emergency Food Providers and Groups Supporting Communities Living with Food Insecurity

To accompany our recipes videos, we wanted to offer some suggestions for emergency food aid providers on how these recipe videos might form part of a wider project, to support individuals and families to reduce food and fuel costs this autumn and winter, while staying healthy and eating well.


Vegan Chilli

A simple, healthy, cheap and tasty slow cooker recipe for a vegan chilli for the whole family!


Vegan "spag bol" style sauce

A tasty, healthier and cheaper alternative to the classic Spaghetti Bolognese that uses cauliflower and lentils. 


Vegan "hot pot" or casserole

A budget friendly, low fat, healthy but hearty recipe for a vegan hot pot, or classic British style casserole, for the whole family!


You can make a curry out of anything!

An easy curry recipe that doesn't require lots of different spices and herbs. Super tasty, but very budget friendly. 


Healthy Chinese Takeaway Alternative

A simple, healthy, budget friendly, and tasty alternative to the Friday night take-away!

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