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Emmeline's Pantry Christmas Redistribution

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Emmeline’s Pantry is a wonderful not-for-profit that offers women and their families who are experiencing crisis access to good food and household items. It is run by amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure they can offer a safe and discreet place for women to choose the items they need to make life more comfortable.

They rightly took the name of Manchester's heroine, Emmeline Pankhurst who led the suffragette movement. A century on, they are still using the motto, #deedsnotwords, which describes perfectly what they do for so many women in the city. This year alone they have had more than 1300 visits to their centre.

Open Kitchen MCR has been proudly working in partnership with Emmeline’s Pantry for over 18 months redistributing nutritious food such as fresh fruit, soup, cereals, yogurts, and baby food as well as personal hygiene and cleaning products. All of which would have gone to waste.

Christmas is always a busy time for Emmeline's Pantry and so we were delighted to redistribute 114kgs of food and 196kgs of household items throughout December! Volunteers told us 'it is great that Open Kitchen MCR can redistribute a range of necessities as well as little luxuries such as soap powder. They may not seem like luxuries, but to someone in crisis, they really are.'

We would like to thank everyone at Emmeline’s Pantry for their hard work and wish them a Happy Holidays. Here is to many more years working together too #feedbelliesnotbins.

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