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Veggie & Vegan Christmas Leftovers

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

We hear you, you’re sick and tired of Christmas curries and slapping your leftovers on a piece of bread and calling it a meal. We’re here to help you create less food waste, by giving you some ideas on amazing ways to use up your Christmas leftovers!

Bubble & Squeak Hash browns

A good way to use up your leftover roast potatoes and your leftover green veg, like sprouts. Great for brunch served with a fried egg.


· Leftover roast potatoes.

· Leftover sprouts or any green


· 1 tbsp flour.

· Salt and pepper.


· Grate or crush the potatoes and mix with roughly chopped cooked sprouts. Season with salt and pepper and use a touch of potato starch or flour to help bind.

· Mould into desired shape and roast in the oven with a touch of oil or air fryer until golden brown.

· Top with a fried egg and hot sauce if you’re feeling spicy!

Roast Root Vegetable Hummus

A fantastic way to use your leftover root veg from Christmas dinner. Think Parsnips, carrots, beets, all the good stuff. Served with pita for dipping or even leftover roast potatoes.


· 1 can Chickpeas.

· Leftover roasted root vegetables.

· 2 cloves Garlic.

· 2 tbsp Tahini.

· Olive oil.

· Juice of half a Lemon.

· Salt and pepper.


· Roughly chop the leftover root veg and add to a blender or food processor.

· Drain a can of chickpeas and add along with 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp tahini, lemon juice and seasonings.

· Begin to pulse to break up the ingredients and add olive oil until you reach desired consistency and the veg and chickpeas are well combined and smooth.

Charred Chilli Sprout Pasta

You’re guaranteed to have leftover sprouts at Christmas, and this is the perfect way to use them in a delicious, hearty pasta dish.


· Leftover sprouts.

· 2 tsp Chilli - Fresh/dried or paste.

· 3 cloves Garlic(2 finely minced).

· 500g Pasta- orecchiette or something


· 80g pecorino or vegan hard cheese.

· 250ml Stock- you could even use leftover gravy.

· Leftover bread; blitzed to breadcrumbs.


· Pop a whole clove of garlic and your breadcrumbs into a hot pan and toast, tossing until they’re beautifully golden. Remove the garlic and set aside. This is your pangrattato.

· Finely slice your garlic, and chilli and slice the sprouts into rounds- as thin as you like.

· Cook the pasta to packet instructions in heavily salted water.

· Add the sprouts to a frying pan and sauté until you have some crispy bits.

· Add in the garlic and chilli and fry until fragrant.

· Add your stock or leftover gravy and simmer until reduced slightly.

· Once your pasta is cooked, add directly from the water using a slotted spoon so you get

some of that starchy pasta water in with the sprout mixture.

· Toss the pasta with everything and grate in your cheese, tossing again to emulsify the sauce-

adding more pasta water if needs be and season to taste.

· Serve in big bowls and top with more cheese and your pangrattato.

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